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Listening to our customers

On this page you can find information about complaints that we have received from our customers about our insurance products.


We are extremely proud of the service that we offer our customers. However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong.

What to do if you have a complaint
We are always pleased to hear about aspects of your membership that you’ve particularly appreciated. We also want to hear about any problems you have. If something does go wrong, we have a simple procedure to ensure your concerns are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.

Complaints information
Bupa takes customer service extremely seriously. We work hard to ensure that things don’t go wrong in the first place and to resolve issues quickly when they arise. Although we strive to minimise the number of complaints we receive, they do highlight areas where we need to improve. By listening to our customers, we can continue to enhance the service we offer. Bupa, along with other major insurance companies, is required by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to publish details of the number of complaints we have received.


Complaint report

Firm name: Bupa Insurance Services Ltd

Other firms included in this report: Bupa Insurance Ltd

Period covered in this report: 1 July 2013 – 31 December 2013

Brands/Trading names covered: Bupa Healthand Wellbeing, Bupa Global, Bupa Cash Plan, Bupa Travel, Bupa Dental

These details are reported to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are updated every six months.

  Number of complaints opened Number of complaints closed Complaints closed within eight weeks (%) Closed complaints upheld by firm (%)
Home Finance        
General insurance and pure Protection  3753  3765  99.6%  34%
Decumulation, life and pensions        

Bupa only offers general insurance and pure protection products which is why some of the boxes in the above table are blank.

What the table shows

  • We received 3753 complaints between 1 July and 31 December 2013. This represents complaints from less than 1% of Bupa’s customers.
  • We resolved 99.6% of complaints within eight weeks. The FCA allows Bupa and other financial services companies this time before a customer can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to investigate. It is not always possible for us to resolve complaints within eight weeks. For example, this could be because we are waiting for additional information from doctors or hospitals, additional information is presented to us during our investigations or there is a delay in sending and receiving information.
  • We agreed with 1280 complaints we received between 1 July and 31 December 2013.  

How Bupa Global acts on our customers’ comments

Here are some of the enhancements that Bupa Global has introduced as a direct result of feedback from our customers.

Pre-authorisation of treatment
We realised that we needed to better explain how important it is to contact us for pre-authorisation before receiving medical treatment, and how to claim.

Now, as well as contacting us or referring to membership documents, customers can:

read our pre-authorisation guide
watch our 'how to claim' video
quickly download claim forms and other useful documents

The result is a simpler, faster process which lets our customers focus on getting better.

Customer specialists
We have appointed a dedicated customer feedback expert who only deals with customer comments and suggestions. This enhances our ability to contact our members and use their comments to enhance our services.

Value for money
We know that for many of our customers, price is important. We are looking at how we can make specific improvements to our products to increase value for money for our customers.

Whether or not you claim
Being part of Bupa Global is about much more than claims and injuries. We want to help our customers every day by offering expert advice on healthy living. Customers can access a variety of medical advice and services on this website, while newsletters sent to our customers now include exclusive health articles and membership offers.

Next steps