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Health news roundup December 10: Catch up with the latest stories from around the world


One cigarette 'could trigger heart attack'

From the Daily Mail: Just smoking one cigarette could be enough to block your arteries and cause a heart attack, says America's chief medical adviser.
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Poor countries face higher hospital infection rate

From the BBC: Researchers from the World Health Organization find that hospitals in poorer countries have much higher infection rates than the developed world
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Half of Europeans are overweight, says report

From the BBC: UK has the worst rating in study that shows over half of adults living in the European Union countries are now overweight or obese.
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Eye study breakthrough could lead to new blindness treatment

From the Guardian: A discovery into how specific nerve cells in the retina work is leading to hopes that research could be used to design treatments for those suffering from blindness.
Read the full article on the Guardian website

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