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WorldWide Health Options


Worldwide Health Options is our flexible insurance plan for individuals and families. It's a modular plan that allows you to mix and match options to suit your health insurance needs.

It includes our core cover, Worldwide Medical Insurance, as standard, which gives you access to essential hospital treatment.

Of course, you may wish to be covered for a wider variety of conditions and treatments, which is why we offer options that you can choose to add to your plan. In the tabs below you can get an overview of what these options cover and watch a video guide.

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There are seven additional cover options available on Worldwide Health Options, so you can add to your core cover Worldwide Health Insurance and create a plan to match your needs.


Here's a summary of what each option covers. Follow the links for more details.

Worldwide Medical Plus

Covers non-emergency consultations and treatments that don't require a hospital stay, like:

  • maternity care
  • psychiatry
  • physiotherapy
  • speech therapy
  • diagnostic tests
  • accident-related dental treatment

Find out more about Worldwide Medical Plus

Worldwide Medicines and Equipment

Covers the cost of:

  • prescribed medicines, even long-term prescriptions
  • prescribed dressings
  • equipment rental, for things like oxygen supplies or wheelchairs

Find out more about Worldwide Medicines and Equipment

Worldwide Wellbeing

Helps you protect and maintain your health with cover for things like:

  • cancer screening
  • bone density scans
  • consultations with a dietitian
  • vaccinations and immunisations
  • dental treatment
  • eye tests and corrective glasses or lenses

Find out more about Worldwide Wellbeing

Worldwide Evacuation

Gives cover for medical evacuation if you can't get the treatment you need locally, including:

  • evacuation to a suitable medical provider
  • repatriation to your home country
  • travel expenses for someone to accompany you

Find out more about Worldwide Evacuation

USA Cover

This is designed for visits to the USA, provided it's not where you spend most of your time, and includes:

  • access to medical treatment
  • a network of quality hospitals and providers
  • direct settlement of all eligible expenses

Find out more about USA Cover

Pre-existing conditions

We may also be able to cover you for diseases, illnesses or injuries for which you've already received medication, advice or treatment.

Find out more about our cover for pre-existing conditions


Deductibles are the contributions you make towards the cost of your treatment. Opting to include deductibles in your plan can reduce your subscription and help to make your chosen health cover more affordable.

Find out more about deductibles

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Worldwide Medical Insurance covers you for essential hospital treatment, including:

  • consultation fees
  • surgery
  • hospital accommodation
  • cancer treatment
  • diagnostic tests
  • emergency dental treatment

These are just a few of the benefits included. You'll find more details on the Worldwide Medical Insurance page.

You can add options to Worldwide Medical Insurance to cover you for an even wider range of medical expenses.